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June Testimonials

This month we have some fantastic testimonials to highlight. It’s always hard to choose who to feature here on the blog, so I’ve chosen two customer comments which show how we bend over backwards to make sure our clients happy.

The theme this month is ?flexibility? and these testimonials will show how we are always ready to make a change at a moment’s notice. We can’t always be this flexible since we do have many other families to help, but if we can help, you know we will.

Fluctuating House Closing

“Roger was wonderfully flexible with our constant need to change moving dates (house closing nightmare), and the fellows that took care of the move really took care of us. They were polite and communicative and we felt comfortable placing our items in storage with Roger for the month.” -Risa Newell 06/12/2013

Thanks, Risa! We understand that home closings can sometimes be difficult to schedule. We’re happy that we were able to find a spot for you on the calendar. More than that, our employees will be happy to hear how pleased you were with their service. They work hard and are dedicated to providing professional care to all of our clients.

Last Minute Move. Can GYMO Help?

“Let me just say that another moving company was scheduled to show up at 7am on Friday morning when we received a call saying that they couldn’t make it! I called Roger and he was able to have a crew out to our home with 3 hours to move us! He pulled it off without a hitch. We couldn’t be more pleased with the crew and services they provided in a pinch. Thanks for everything and we will be sure to refer friends and family.” -Ryan Golub 06/10/2013

Ryan, while we wished you’d called us first and avoided the stress, we’re still happy to have met you and we’re so happy that we could take care of your family. We strive to maintain a high level of professionalism and showing up on time is fundamental. The way I figure it, the other guy missed out on meeting some real nice folks. Rest assured that we’ll be there on time to help out all of your friends and family.

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We’re grateful for all of our customers and we wish we could feature all of them. However, we do have a place on our website where we post our testimonials. You can also leave a review of your experience on Angie’s List, Google+ Local, or Yelp. We love doing a great job and only you can help us improve!

We are still open through the Covid-19 health crisis. Governor Ducey deems moving as an essential service, click here for more details.