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Testimonials of the Month

When we complete a job, every customer receives a survey to let us know how we did. We pay close attention to these surveys and we are proud of the high levels of satisfaction we’ve earned. Since our employees are full-time, they take a special pride in doing a great job so that these kudos keep rolling in.

  • Every customer receives a survey.
  • Our employees take pride in our reputation.
  • No customer is paid for a positive review.
  • We use customer testimonials verbatim for our website and marketing materials.

No Incentives for Positive Reviews

Note that we don’t reward customers for positive reviews. In fact, we find that they often reward us by referring their friends, colleagues, and family members to us when their big moving day arrives. There are some websites which do offer businesses the ability to reward the public for positive reviews, but we don’t participate in that. No matter how much we would love to buy some of our past clients a cup of coffee or treat them to a free lunch, we know that that would cheapen their review and would harm the integrity we seek to build and uphold.

Our Survey

Once we’ve moved a client, we provide an email-based survey for them to fill out and return to us. We’ve been pleasantly surprised at the number of surveys we receive back from our clients. Not everyone has the time to fill out and send a review, especially so soon after moving all of their prized possessions, their children, and pets.

What Do We Do With Surveys?

Yet, the surveys continue to pour in and most of them are positive. When we receive a review, we likely will find a good estimate and print it, verbatim, on our website. We don’t resort to any tricky editing to turn a lukewarm review into a positive, much less turning a critical review into one of praise. We also use the surveys as a great way to hold our employees accountable and also rectify any situation where the customer was not 100% satisfied.


Our high integrity is what keeps us in good standing with the Better Business Bureau. Their ranking system relies on customer comments and since we maintain an A+ rating, we must be doing something right. We resolve our customer complaints both with the BBB and when we find a criticism online we are sure to address the issue, showing our side of the story and seeking a resolution with an unhappy person.

We believe in letting our client’s words speak for themselves and you can check the ?testimonials? section of our website to see for yourself how highly our customers think of us. We also feature some of our favorite testimonials once a month on our blog.We love Phoenix, and Phoenix loves us!

We are still open through the Covid-19 health crisis. Governor Ducey deems moving as an essential service, click here for more details.