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FAQ: How Do You Charge?

Price is always a consideration when we move. Often, we’re spending money on our new home, be that security deposits, new mortgage costs, new furniture, or the 52? television we’re setting up in our new living room.

While we do have set rates, we arrive at a price for each job on an individual basis. A company owner will personally assess each job. Please contact Derek or Roger Greene for more information on how your moving day is managed.

We charge on a time/materials basis, meaning that we gauge how much manpower, materials, and time will be needed for your move and then we plan accordingly. We may allocate more men to a job, which increases the hourly rate, but that will mean less time for the overall move. We do this because I know our clients like to arrive in their new home as quickly as possible, and while cutting down on cost. Our rates run as such:

  • 2 Men and 1 Truck run between $105 to $125/hr depending on the time of year. The higher cost is for peak moving season.
  • 3 Men and 1 Truck runs from $135 to $155/hr depending on the time of year.
  • 4 Men and 1 Truck runs from $165 to $185/hr depending on the time of year.
  • 4 Men and 2 Trucks run from $200 to $240/hr depending on season.

This rate schedule is for valley-wide, pad-wrapped, furniture transport, moving, packing and storage services. Note that we have a zone charge which is based on the distance from Broadway and I-10 to the job. We include our fuel costs into that charge. This accounts for our travel time.

These prices are still subject to our availability, the season, and peak days. To get started, click the ?rate? tab? on our home page to fill out a form to start the process for an estimate/quote. We will take the general information you leave there. We will call you back when you specify so that we can get the best idea of your needs and how much that might run you.

When we arrive at an estimate for your move, we will also figure out the packing materials you will need for the job. We do charge for these, but our very own Roger Greene will drop them off to your home at no additional charge. If you know Roger, you know that this is a tremendous value!

With each move, we include pad-wrapping to protect your furniture. As you may be aware, we pride ourselves on high customer satisfaction and protecting your items is our first priority.

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We are still open through the Covid-19 health crisis. Governor Ducey deems moving as an essential service, click here for more details.