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ASU Discount!

Since our company headquarters is located in Tempe, just minutes from Arizona State University, and I personally have a long history with ASU since my dad was a professor there, it is only natural that we would forge a new partnership with ASU.

We now offer a discount on moving services for any ASU employees. Mention your ASU employment when you book the move, and we only ask that you show your ASU employee ID card at the time of your move. The discount is as follows: fifty percent off travel charges. You can read more about the discount here.

ASU’s Human Resources department offers all kinds of discounts on goods and services that many of their employees do not even know about. You can get discounts on housing, cars, financial services, food, florists, hotels, health, restaurants, security systems, home improvement, schools, telephones, jewelry and more. These types of benefits are great for employees and are an added bonus on top of other benefits like health care. Oh, and you get free college tuition if you work at ASU – maybe we should all go work there! Just kidding – we have great benefits at GYMO too. And an awesome pool table for break times!

Know another organization we can partner with? Let us know! We are open to any and all partnerships that mean something to Get Your Move On, and where we can also give back to the community which supports us.

As far as this discount goes, forward our information on to anyone you know who works at ASU. This discount can save someone a lot of money, and they do not have to live right by ASU. Our travel fees are based on your proximity to our headquarters, which are in central Tempe. So, if you are a commuter and have a hefty drive to work each day, that can pay off now with this discount.

Happy moving!

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We are still open through the Covid-19 health crisis. Governor Ducey deems moving as an essential service, click here for more details.