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Moving Electronics

One of the trickier sets of items to move are electronics. If you follow our directions, your electronics will work great in your new home. If not, then no guarantees! Just listen to us – we have moved a lot of electronics over the years.

First, a few things you should invest in are the right materials:

  • Stretch or cushioning wrap
  • Packing tape
  • Double or even triple-walled cartons – traditional boxes do not work well for electronics. Packing peanuts are usually not enough protection for your items in a typical box.
  • Tissue papers
  • Carton labels (you can make your own) – these will say things like ‘Do Not Lay Flat,’ ‘This Item First,’ ‘This Item Last,’ etc.

They make specialty boxes for DVD players, flat screen TVs and computers. It may be worth your while to spend the extra money to get these boxes, even if the cost is a little prohibitive. The cost is definitely worse if you break your television in the move. If you have the original packaging, even better, especially if you saved the Styrofoam inserts. Those boxes are made to be thrown on trucks and travel thousands of miles, usually from overseas. They are made to be indestructible. We are a lot more careful with your items than cargo shippers usually are, but it does not hurt to still be careful.

 A note on the Arizona sun:

While electronics are one of the easiest things to pack up first, you do not want to bring them to the truck first, unless it is cool inside the truck and it is in the shade. Things will start cooking inside that moving truck, and it is imperative that your items are not on that truck getting fried. Do not take them outside to cook in the sun either.

Undoing electronics

It is best to keep all of the wires with the item you are moving. They should be able to fit in the box. If you are a really organized mover, you will label all of the cords and where they go back to with masking tape or colored markers. We have done a lot of moves and we rarely see people that organized but I thought I would bring it up.

Moving electronics is easy if you follow a few simple steps and tips.

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