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Moving Supplies

Boxes? Check. Packing paper? Check. Well, that’s all you need, right? Wrong! There are a few other key items that will make your move a success.

Tape Gun

This genius invention serves two purposes: it helps with aggravation and it secures your items more effectively. Here’s how: imagine you have a roll of packing tape. You keep getting pieces off, you put the tape on the box, and then…the tape twists and tangles. Now you have to cut it to free the tape roll from your package, and you just kind of shove the twisted tape end onto the box. Does that seem like a good seal to you? With the tape gun, you simply put the tape roll in the gun, slide the tape end through the opening and voila! You have a sophisticated piece of machinery in your hands. Now you can tape and cut, tape and cut, with the greatest of ease. Your packages will be securely sealed and your sanity will be firmly in place.


This has a bunch of great uses as well. Use it to tie blankets together, clothes together, and hangers together – whatever. It’s in every Boy Scout kit for a reason. That stuff is multipurpose.

Permanent Marker

During your move, the Sharpie will become your best friend. Better yet, buy that multi-pack of Sharpies so you have a wide variety of colors. This way, you can label boxes that go to different rooms with different markers. If you think you can get through a move without labeling boxes, you are in for a harsh reality! Better just take my advice. J


Oh, wait, I thought this one was a no-brainer! Of course, everyone knows you need boxes to move. And good ones. Boxes that have been through a few moves are a recipe for disaster when the bottom of the box fails and there go your prized possessions. The important thing to think about when you get boxes is that you should get boxes in all shapes – large, medium and small. We see people who want to use the least amount of boxes as possible, and so they fill up large boxes full of textbooks. Or maybe it’s bricks? Either way, it’s not fun.

Packing Paper

Get a LOT. I mean a LOT LOT. Do not skimp in this area. You can even learn how to make the fun packing burritos we make at GYMO if you download our guide. This is a surefire way to make sure everything gets from point A to point B in one piece.

This is the bare bones essentials of what you need. If you skimp on anything, don’t let it be these items. Happy packing!

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