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Recently we had the opportunity to put our pad-wrapping skills to the test! Phoenix movers have a lot of opportunities to move high-end furniture, what with the homes in Arcadia, Camelback Mountain, and the North Valley, and this day was no exception.

One of our favorite clients has a nice collection of Nakashima furniture, and trusts our guys at Get Your Move On to get it from one place to another (this is not the first time we have moved this stuff!).

If you know anything about Nakashima furniture, you know that these are high-end, custom pieces that need special care. We get trusted with a lot of high-end moves in Phoenix, and we are very grateful for that. Pad-wrapping is the perfect solution because it allows us to carefully pad and wrap the furniture so nothing is dangerously exposed, and we also get to know the furniture well before we put it up on the truck.

Here are some tools we use in our high-end moves that are indispensable:

Clean Moving Blankets – We make sure to use clean blankets, and we keep separate blankets for those items that have been kept outdoors, and those that are indoor items.

Shrink Wrap – this allows us to secure the moving blankets so they do not slip off in the move.

Tape – allows us to tape everything together so there is no risk of any of the pad-wrapping materials slipping off.

Rolling Cart – we have a variety of rolling carts aside from the traditional two-wheel dolly that we use to make sure your item does not get banged around. In this case, we used our four-wheel cart, with two movers holding the custom table and another guiding the way.

Moving Truck with Lift – Our moving trucks have a lift – this is the least jarring to your items, as opposed to be rolled up a ramp. It allows us to have the most control over your item.

Careful Movers – probably our most important ingredient!

Here are some shots of the move last week:

Here are the guys wrapping up the table

photo (9)

Here they are starting their journey over the Arizona sand to the truck

photo (12)

And here they are getting the table up on the lift

photo (13)

Now, carefully placing the completely wrapped table in the moving truck

photo (10)

Whew, that was a lot of work!

photo (11)

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