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Moving Supplies

Boxes? Check. Packing paper? Check. Well, that’s all you need, right? Wrong! There are a few other key items that will make your move a success.

Tape Gun

This genius invention serves two purposes: it helps with aggravation and it secures your items more effectively. Here’s how: imagine you have a roll of packing tape. You keep getting pieces off, you put the tape on the box, and then…the tape twists and tangles. Now you have to cut it to free the tape roll from your package, and you just kind of shove the twisted tape end onto the box. Does that seem like a good seal to you? With the tape gun, you simply put the tape roll in the gun, slide the tape end through the opening and voila! You have a sophisticated piece of machinery in your hands. Now you can tape and cut, tape and cut, with the greatest of ease. Your packages will be securely sealed and your sanity will be firmly in place.


Introducing Zengy!


You may have noticed a new friendly voice on the other end of the phone when you call in to Get Your Move On. That friendly, capable voice is Zengy Urquides. Zengy comes to us from Yuma, Arizona, so she is plenty used to the hot weather. She has been up in Phoenix for two years, which is plenty of time to learn our grid street system and how to drive with all of our crazy drivers. Don’t worry Phoenix – Zengy has NO plans to move back to Yuma!


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