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Hot Tub!

Hot Tub Moving Made Easy

It’s moving day, and you can’t just leave the hot tub that’s been responsible for so much of your sanity. You don’t have to. You just need to plan ahead and take your time.

Phoenix is known for its hot, arid climate, but it is still a popular location for hot tubs. We definitely do not suggest moving a hot tub on your own. You should enlist help of professionals or at the very least, friends with proper equipment.

Early Preparations

After unplugging the hot tub and removing any gas connections, pull the water plug on the hot tub to drain all water. This is where most of its weight lies.

After it’s empty, this is the time to clean and fully dry the tub and bundle all of its wiring with twist-ties to avoid any future accidents like tripping.

Gather Needed Supplies, Assistance

By this point, you’ll need to have secured the use of two furniture dollies with securing straps and at least a few strong individuals with the strength to lift one side of the hot tub.

If you’re afraid that transporting the hot tub to the moving truck resting on its side may damage the frame, you’ll also need four slats of wood.

Moving the Tub on its Side

To transport the jacuzzi on its side, the two helpers need to lift it from the two adjacent corners to the control panel and lift it carefully onto its side, using a spotter to ensure it doesn’t tip over once it comes upright.

Then the dollies can be slid under the hot tub frame, evenly spaced at each end of the upturned tub. After strapping the upended hot tub tightly to the dollies, it can be rolled to the moving truck, with one person pushing, another leading and a third person looking for obstacles and maintaining balance. At the truck, the hot tub can be pushed in this manner up into the truck bed using the ramp. If it’s too tall to fit in this way, place the base of the tub against the truck bed, then remove the dollies. The tub can then be slid up into the truck with two pushing from below and one pulling and guiding it from the truck.

Moving the Tub from the Bottom

Have the helpers lift one side of the tub and place a slat of wood under each corner, then repeat the process on the other side. This will allow dollies to be slid under two opposite sides of the hot tub and easily pushed to the truck. Once there, there’s no need to remove the dollies. Leaning one side against truck, push it up into the truck with two helpers on the ground and one person guiding it in from the truck bed. The dollies can then be used again to slide it into position inside the truck.

If the hot tub must be moved down stairs, upright furniture dollies must be used from the corners with the tub resting on a side that doesn’t hold the control panel. Then the tub can be gently lowered, step by step, down the stairs.

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