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Pad Wrapping!

When items get broken, dinged or scuffed during a move, it is usually due to a couple of reasons. Improper packing, tiredness, or even laziness on the part of the person doing the move. We are professional movers who lift and carry people’s precious belongings day in and day out, but we are still prone to the same issues as the rest of the world. For that reason, we pad-wrap each and every item, regardless of if you paid for a packed move or not.

Think about it like this: no matter how careful you are, you could still lose your footing when you go through a doorway and ding your favorite table. Your items can and do shift considerable in transit so you have boxes banging around and on your furniture. No item goes on a GYMO truck unless it is in a bag, box or wrapped in blankets.

My background is in delivery, so those items were packed so well that they could withstand just about anything. The reason? Imagine unloading items from a truck that are supposed to be brand new but have been bounced around on a semi across a couple of states. We would have tons of returns if those items were not perfectly protected.

We try to emulate that process with our pad-wrapping process. We use blankets instead of tons and tons of plastic and cardboard because reusing is much better for the environment than recycling. We wrap each item in a clean moving blanket (extra-thick) and then secure with tape or giant rubber bands. We also pad your floors and doorways.

A friend just had a chair delivered from a department store. They laid down a carpet and put a pad on the doorway. But then they tracked in dirt everywhere else in the house and scuffed the piece of furniture on the stairs. We try to avoid all of those problems by laying down a walkway of tarps or plastic for our movers to walk on. We want to leave your old house clean, and keep your new one immaculate.

For office moves we do the same thing. We pad every wall and doorway. We have found that although this takes a bit of time to set up, overall we save time because we can work faster and walk more quickly while we are completing the move. For a step-by-step guide on how to pad-wrap your own items, check out our free guide.


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