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Clean that Clutter!

Sometimes it feels like the clutter is overwhelming, and that is never more apparent than when you are about to move. Here are some tips to finally rid yourself of clutter so it doesn’t follow you around from house to house.

It’s easiest to tackle the clutter if you start early and do a bit at a time. Set a timer for 15 minutes and you will be amazing at what you will get done. Start with one section or one drawer and work your way around the home.

Here are some top tips:

  • Find your hot spots

If you always put papers on kitchen counters, or if your dining room table is constantly covered with everyone’s belongings, then those are your hot spots. Most clutterers have more than one hot spot. Focus on one hot spot at a time and you will be amazed with the results. Put a halt on collecting new items until you have sorted and organized what you currently have.

  • Kill the paper monster

We all feel overwhelmed and buried under mounds of paperwork. Whether it is kid’s school papers, bills, or something else, it seems the paper is the first thing to get out of control. Dealing with paperwork as it comes up is the best suggestion, but that can be easier said than done. Get binders, bins, file folders, whatever it takes to get and stay organized. Get bills sent to you electronically and deal with papers as they come to reduce your paper load.

  • Involve everyone

Odds are, if you have a problem with clutter, it has passed down among your family too. Get your spouse and kids involved. Take a box for each person and have them fill it with items they don’t want or don’t think they will use. If nothing is needed out of the boxes in a couple of months, then you are good to get rid of the items. Plus, teaching kids early to let go of items and de-clutter is a good thing.

Other de-cluttering tips:

Make three piles for things you are getting rid of: donate, sell and throw away – then follow through!

Implement storage solutions that you will use in your home. Some people use bins, some filing cabinets, and some use custom solutions. Make sure everything in your home has a place and start from there.

De-cluttering is a lifestyle shift that is so worth it. Implementing a few small changes makes a big difference and will make your move much easier.


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