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Why We Love Estate Moves

We LOVE Estate Moves!

Estate moves can be intimidating, but they can also be fun and exciting with the proper planning. There are so many factors that go into making this a smooth process. We handle a lot of estate moves at Get Your Move On, and we have found that keeping it simple is the best idea. Even though your house may have more square footage than some others, you still have the same problem – how will you move your stuff and keep your sanity at the same time?


What Do Movers NOT Move?

What do movers NOT move?

As moving day approaches, it can seem almost impossible to get everything packed and ready for the movers. Many people are surprised to learn, however, that there are many items which cannot, or should not, be packed for transport with your moving company. The following are items which should never make it into the truck on moving day.


How to Move a Hot Tub

Hot Tub!

Hot Tub Moving Made Easy

It’s moving day, and you can’t just leave the hot tub that’s been responsible for so much of your sanity. You don’t have to. You just need to plan ahead and take your time.


Pad-Wrapping – Everyone Should Do It

Pad Wrapping!

When items get broken, dinged or scuffed during a move, it is usually due to a couple of reasons. Improper packing, tiredness, or even laziness on the part of the person doing the move. We are professional movers who lift and carry people’s precious belongings day in and day out, but we are still prone to the same issues as the rest of the world. For that reason, we pad-wrap each and every item, regardless of if you paid for a packed move or not.


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