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Tips for Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning Tips

Every now and then on the GYMO blog, we are going to throw in a ‘life tip’ or things we have seen over the years that help make people’s lives easier when it comes time to move. One tip we have is regarding spring cleaning. With spring pretty much upon us, now’s the time to get on this!


Packing your Pantry, Freezer and Fridge

Packing a Freezer
If you’re preparing to move, you most likely still have a kitchen full of food. That includes the things in your refrigerator and freezer. Although many sources may recommend that you dispose of or give away your food, it’s not terribly practical for most people. Food is expensive these days, and parting with a well-stocked supply can cause undue financial hardship. Therefore, you’ll probably want to consider some these methods of packing your pantry, freezer and fridge.


Testimonial of the Month!

Get Your Move On Testimonial

We appreciate our customers so much, and we love it even more when they appreciate us! We receive a lot of testimonials, and we appreciate them all, but we decided to start featuring one testimonial every month or so.

This one in particular really spoke to us because it was such an important move. We recently blogging about moving for seniors and how involved and traumatic that can be, so it was extra-special to us that we received this testimonial shortly afterward.


Preparing Your Items for Storage

Phoenix Storage CompanyPlacing your precious items in storage requires a little planning. Just throwing everything in plastic bags and boxes could result in damage to your items. If the facility is not climate controlled, you could open bags and bags of moldy linens and clothing if you are in a damp environment, or clothes that are stained and discolored from a hot environment. Much-needed documents could be destroyed, metal items can rust and electronics could be ruined.


Choosing the Right Lock

Choosing the Right LockWhen you are moving, you will discover that there are all types of locks to choose from and may wonder which type of locks are best. It is important to take precautions so that all of your items stay safe and secure. The best way to keep your personal items protected is to have a lock that you can count on.


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