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Phoenix Storage CompanyPlacing your precious items in storage requires a little planning. Just throwing everything in plastic bags and boxes could result in damage to your items. If the facility is not climate controlled, you could open bags and bags of moldy linens and clothing if you are in a damp environment, or clothes that are stained and discolored from a hot environment. Much-needed documents could be destroyed, metal items can rust and electronics could be ruined.

It is best to deal with a moving company that has their own climate-controlled storage facility. Trained personnel will wrap and organize your items to prevent damage. Your china will not be placed under the gym equipment. Even though the moving company will wrap items, there are steps you should take to prepare your items for storage. These steps include:

• Prevent fading from the sun or certain materials from being damaged by dry air, invest in UV-protective or airtight containers. This is especially important for clothing or vintage linens.

• Organize your items by room, type of appliance or other means. Mark boxes and containers with indelible markers in easy to read lettering. Searching for a box in a storage unit can be a maddening experience. (At GYMO, we inventory for you and find your items in a pinch!)

• Create an inventory list of the items in each box. Trying to remember which box a needed item in can prove to be impossible. Imagine spending the day opening all of the boxes in a storage unit just to find one item. You could have been fishing or watching the game.

• Decide exactly what will go into storage, what will be needed immediately and what you can dispose of. It makes no sense to store items that you will throw away later. Label the boxes “storage” or “immediate” and include this on your inventory list. You will know where everything is.

• Glass items can be wrapped in newspaper or towels. Be sure to use old towels if the glass is going into storage. You do not want to get into trouble later with the family.

• Electronics should be stored in containers designed for them. Keeping the original boxes with the Styrofoam inserts is perfect for this. The boxes are already labeled, saving you the trouble.

• Mattresses and other upholstery should be stored in special bags made for the purpose. These prevent any damage to the items during moving or storage.

On moving day, explain your needs to the staff. They will be happy to work with you in order to make the move and your storage experience as smooth as possible.

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