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moving antiques

When you move, you want your antiques to arrive at your destination as smoothly as possible. After all, they may be items that were handed down to you from your parents and grandparents or items on which you spent a great deal of money. Whether you are moving to the Phoenix area from across the country, across the state of Arizona or just across town, here are ways to ensure your antiques arrive safely.

Before You Move
• Have items appraised and insured. Consider hiring an appraiser who specializes in whatever it is you own, and have them certify how much the item is worth. Once you know its worth, you can have it insured in case something does go awry.
• Photograph and list your items. Take detailed pictures of each one of your antiques so you can prove what kind of shape it was in before it was moved. This way there will be no questions if you have to file an insurance claim. Also, keep an accurate list of all of your valuable antiques so you can check it off once you arrive at your new home.
• Clean your items. Be sure your items are clean before they are moved. Do not use a heavy or waxy product that might pick up imprints from packing materials. Also, remember that Phoenix has a very hot, dry climate that can cause some products to interfere with your item’s finish. If you are unsure of what to use, check with your local hardware store.

Moving Day

• Monitor your items. Whether you have one or multiple antiques, someone needs to be in charge of them. This can be you or a trusted friend or family member. Have the person in charge watch the movers carefully to see that they are handling your items with care.
• Keep smaller items with you. If you have antique jewelry, coins or other items that do not need special packaging, you may want to consider keeping them with you at all times. Items like this can easily be lost or stolen.
• Make sure your items are packed securely. Get Your Move On using a special Pad Wrapping Process to ensure all items are safe while in transport. Also, be sure all glass is secure and cannot be broken.

When You Arrive

• Check your belongings and make sure that your antiques have arrived at your destination. If something is missing or damaged, report it to your movers and insurance company immediately.
• If you are moving larger items, make sure your movers have put them in the right place in the room where you plan to keep them. Antique furniture tends to be heavy and fragile and can be difficult for anyone who is not a professional to move.



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