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moving for seniors

Moving is a stressful experience at any age, but relocation for seniors presents special challenges. If you’re a loved one of a senior who is about to move, you should take extra care as you organize the process. Here are some of the most important tips for senior moves in Phoenix and surrounding areas.

Prepare Ahead of Time

Many seniors have accumulated items and personalized their current living situations for decades. To reduce shock and get everything moved efficiently when the time comes, start packing items as early as possible. Put all non-essential items in boxes first, placing different types of items, such as knick-knacks, in special colors of packing paper for easy identification at their destination. Organize boxes according to bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens and other locations. If possible, include the senior in the process to improve their comfort level. At this stage, consulting with a senior moving expert may also be a good investment.

Make Arrangements with a Living Center

If you’re moving a senior to a retirement home or assisted living center, contact the building’s administrators to guarantee a smooth transition on moving day. First, prevent loss of time by reserving an elevator if the new living space isn’t on the ground level. Reserve a door and arrange for an employee to handle door codes or supervision if necessary. If you’re using a larger truck or hiring a moving company, inquire about securing space in a convenient part of the building’s parking lot. Finally, confirm that your planned moving hours are convenient for the facility’s staff and residents.

Organize Items for Convenient Placement

Seniors who have lived in their homes for long periods of time are often used to having special places for their cherished items. To provide reference as you move items to the new home, take pictures of the placement of appliances, furniture and decor in the old home. In the new space, make an effort to put items where seniors are expecting them. You can also organize placement at the new location by color-coordinating boxes or items with rooms so that unpacking is a breeze.

Depending on schedules and living arrangements, you might find that a moving company makes the process easier in many ways. Whether you’re moving in or between Phoenix, Chandler, Tempe or Scottsdale, you can make the moving process easier by planning carefully and taking time to keep the senior comfortable throughout this time.



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