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How to Move Your House Plants

Phoenix House PlantsIf you have a green thumb, you most likely have house plants.  If you have house plants and have to move, chances are you will want them to move with you.  So, what are the best ways to move your plants? How can you ensure that they will arrive healthy at their new home?


Pets On The Move

Moving Pets

Are you planning on moving?  It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the details you need to take care of. You have important items that you want to take with you and that’s easy to plan for. You have a pet that you want to move too and that will take you a little more planning.


Moving Boxes

Moving BoxesThinking about reusing your friend’s moving boxes they have used a hundred times? Think again – unless you do not care if your items are damaged in transit. Proper moving materials are the best way to get your items safely from Point A to Point B. More than anything else, flimsy boxes or improper packing is the cause of damage to your items while moving. Don’t scrimp on these – that is, if you want everything to get to your new destination in one place.


Getting Organized for Your Move

Moving Furniture from Chandler to Phoenix

Moving is the easiest thing you have ever done, right? Probably not many people will say yes to that question. Moving is complicated, involves a lot of coordinating, and is a downright headache for a lot of people. If you are organized, your move is that much easier. There are several resources out there to help you make your move a little less painful.


How to Pack a Computer


How Phoenix Movers Pack ComputersI cannot tell you how many computers we see sloppily thrown in boxes or left out to be exposed to the elements, which in Arizona are quite harsh. I do not think this is laziness – I think people just do not know how to pack a computer. Here is our step-by-step guide to packing your computer that I think will make your life a little easier. (more…)

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