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Most everyone realizes that to move the big, heavy stuff, you need some kind of plan. In addition to deciding what to take with you or what leave behind, you need to decide on a way of moving your belongings. Depending on how much you have and far you are moving, you will also need able bodies to help. What people don’t necessarily think about are the little things. Phoenix movers often get asked what constitutes a valuable or what things should people move themselves.

In addition to your standard boxes and furniture, there are other items that you want and have to take with you when you move. You need to decide what do you want to do about your lighter, easier to move valuable “stuff”? This is the stuff you want to keep with you as you move.  Think about what items these might be. What about your personal valuables such as heirlooms and fine jewelry? Think about what you have that absolutely cannot be replaced.  Your personal papers would fall into this category as well. Even though you can replace your birth certificate, social security cards, passport and marriage license, it is a pain in the neck to do so and you are better off keeping those items with you. Valuables may also include photo albums and special collections. You definitely want those things moved with you too.  So, what’s the best and safest way to handle moving your valuables?

Here’s how to get started moving your valuables

  • Set all those personal valuables aside so they won’t get packed up by mistake. You can get a container of some kind from your mover and organize according to type.
  • Put your valuables all in one location (in your house, apartment, car) so that you know where they are and so you can also get to them should you need to.
  • If you do put your valuables in your car for safe-keeping, make sure your car is always locked and that your valuables are not in plain sight. The trunk would probably be the best place to store them.
  • If you are flying to your new destination, you should consider putting your valuables in a carry-on that you will keep with you instead of storing them in checked luggage.  At least this way, if your luggage takes a different route, you will still have your birth certificate!
  • The most important thing is is that you need to feel secure with transporting your valuables.  How secure do you need them to be? Would your movers be a better alternative for transporting your valuables? Experienced Phoenix movers such as GYMO can help you with these decisions.

Long range planning, common sense and a valuable Phoenix mover can make your move easier and less stressful.

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