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LCD, and Plasma televisions require special handling when you move them.  Here are some suggestions for you to follow to ensure that they arrive at their destination without any damage.

Getting Ready to Move:

  • Your LCD or Plasma TV should stay upright at all times.
  • Never lay it flat or on its side.
  • Use a soft cloth to cover the screen to prevent scratching.
  • If you happen to have the original packing materials the TV came in…use it to ensure the best option for transporting your TV.
  • If you don’t have the original packing materials, you can buy a flat screen TV kit to use for the move.
  • Or, you could just make your own packing kit. You will need a large cardboard box or crate, Styrofoam for cushioning the corners, and front and back of the TV.
  • If your TV is larger than 60 inches, you might need to get some professional assistance in packing it.

Moving your television:

  • Make sure that your flat-screen is loaded (into your car or a moving van) in an upright position.
  • LCD and Plasma televisions should not be exposed to extreme temperatures, direct sunlight or moisture.

Storing your television:

  • If it is necessary for you to store your flat screen television for any period of time, it should be stored in a climate controlled facility. Sensitivity to temperatures and moisture could do some serious damage to your television.

Arriving at your destination:

  • After you carefully unpack your LCD or Plasma television, it is best if you let the plasma television just sit for a few hours before you start using it.
  • Plasma TVs are actually filled with living organisms and can burnt out in certain sections if you are not careful. They are not bulbs that can be replaced like LCD TVs, so your TV is basically ruined if this happens. Letting your TV settle is a great way to keep this burnout from happening.

Final thoughts:

  • The most important things to remember about moving your flat screen television:
  • Always make sure it is in an upright position. NEVER lay it flat or on its side.
  • Keep the television away from moisture and extreme temperatures.

For Phoenix residents, it is important that you remember that the inside of a vehicle can heat up to well over 100 degrees, even to 200 degrees in some cases if left in direct sunlight.


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