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As I moved people throughout my life, I started to notice some things. People surely wanted help moving, but they also wanted someone they could trust inside their home. Not only for the safety of their belongings but also the care of the home and the people inside. Nobody wants someone who is untrustworthy inside their home, especially if you have a lot of antiques or valuables.

Webster’s Dictionary defines a mover as someone who moves (right?), or a person whose business or work involves moving furniture for those changing business locations or residences.

So, all of that is great, but what kind of mover? How do they move your stuff? What do they use? How do they do it?

I think it’s important to really define what it means to be a mover to us, and for that you get the GYMO Mover definition.

The GYMO Mover is defined as a hardworking, dependable, courteous and professional ‘mover’ who has pride in his work and is a back breaking, sweat-dripping furniture hauler.

Our guys are respectful, they do not complain, they are polite; you will not see them on their cell phones. Our guys take good care of our stuff, as well as your stuff. Our trucks arrive fueled up and ready to go and our guys are on site at least ten minutes early. Any move larger than a couple of rooms will warrant a complete walk-through and in-person estimate.

The GYMO Mover is something we are really proud of. Our guys are happy and treat you well during your move because they are treated well by the company. Moving is a stressful process. That is why people ask for help. Find out which definition of mover suits you and your personality best and make your decision from there. Do you want the basic mover or the one that goes above and beyond?

We are still open through the Covid-19 health crisis. Governor Ducey deems moving as an essential service, click here for more details.