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Did you know that the insurance that most moving companies carry only covers the boxes we pack and move ourselves? Makes sense, right? Since our insurance company has no way of knowing how you are going to pack your items, they do not want to cover those boxes. So, if you want to pack yourself, it is best if you follow our suggestions.

Set up for success

Clear off a large counter or kitchen table. Have your boxes, packing materials such as packing paper, bubble wrap, tape and markers all set. Make sure your items are laid out and ready to go. Try to pack like items together. The more items you have near you, the more efficient you will be.

Line the bottom

You can make paper bumpers by rolling up extra paper like a burrito and lining the bottom. This extra lining will do wonders in protecting your items, no matter how careful your movers in Phoenix, Arizona are. Boxes get banged around and bumped in transit. Bumpy Arizona roads are no exception

Lay a packing layer between items

A lot of people scrimp and save on paper, but that is not the best strategy. At Get Your Move One, we recycle all of our packing materials and you can do the same. What is important is getting your items from point A to point B in one piece. Lay an extra layer in-between items for that added protection.

Pack around the edges first

The middle of the box is the weakest part. Something we do to make our boxes stronger is pack around the edges first. The edges of the box are the strongest and they can hold the most weight. If you start at the edges and work your way in you will have a much sturdier box. This makes mover in Phoenix, Arizona very happy.

Wrap and cover everything

This is Arizona, people! Dust gets in and on everything, no matter how careful we are. It is especially important to pack and wrap linens, pillows and more. The last thing you want is to have dust and debris all over your bedding. This is another reason why we saran wrap all padded furniture. It’s good to have the extra protection.

Pack tightly

Items that are packed away do better if they are packed in snugly so there is not room to move around. This does not mean you should shove everything in one box, but movers in Phoenix Arizona will definitely appreciate boxes that do not have things rattling around in them. That is one of the worst sounds to hear as a mover because there is no way of knowing what the noise is.

Packing yourself can be a real pain, but following these tips can at least make sure your items get to your new location in perfect condition.

We are still open through the Covid-19 health crisis. Governor Ducey deems moving as an essential service, click here for more details.