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Tempe Movers have Pride in their City

Shot of Tempe, Arizona.

Tempe, Arizona

Tempe, Arizona is a great city, it is no wonder that we move so many people there each year. Originally named Hayden’s Ferry for the ferry that used to travel along the free-flowing Salt River, it is home to over 160,000 people now. Local Tempeans have seen a lot of change over the years, from the music scene that used to thrive on Mill Avenue to the growth of Arizona State University from a small teacher’s college to a giant PAC 12 monster of a school. (more…)

Making Your Move “Green”

Going Green with Tempe Movers

Moving is no easy task, and it seems like it takes a ton of trips to the store, tons of materials, and a lot of blood, sweat and tears to get the job done. Okay, hopefully not blood, but you get the idea.

Amidst all of the chaos of moving, you can still keep an eye on your environmental impact and your carbon footprint. Here are some suggestions to make your move as eco-friendly as possible:

Minimize Trips

Good planning will help you minimize how many trips you have to make, whether it is trips to the store to get materials, to drop off donations, or as you transport your items to your new home. Set out to accomplish more than one errand at a time, and you can reduce your carbon footprint. If you use a moving truck, you will be able to make even less trips, putting less toxins into the air.

Get Rid of Stuff

Nothing saves on materials more than you downsizing prior to your move. Have a yard sale, donate items, and give things away to family and friends. Whatever you have to do to make sure you are moving less stuff will help reduce the amount of materials you use and the trips you have to make. Downsizing helps you all around.

Packing Materials

One of the biggest questions we get by environmentally friendly customers is, “what do you do with your packing materials?” The answer is simple. We recycle everything we can. We use biodegradable materials and recyclable cardboard so it’s easy to recycle. We can even take away your packing materials once you are done with them and get them recycled for you.


A lot of people ask us if they should reuse boxes. If you do a pack and move, new boxes are used, but if you are moving yourself, reusing boxes can be an economical and environmentally conscious way to help out. Just make sure that the boxes you use are not getting so old that they are flimsy or unreliable, or that they do not have food or other old unsanitary things in them. If your boxes are in too bad of shape, it’s best to recycle because you do not want to compromise your items.

There are a lot of ways that you can help the environment while you move. It does not have to be a wasteful process. Just follow our tips and you are golden!

Oops, We Did it Again! GYMO Gets Angie’s List Super Service Award!


Get Your Move On was awarded Angie’s List Super Service Award for 2012! We are super proud of this award because it is a reflection of our customers and their satisfaction with us. While we are definitely proud to get this award because of the relationship we have with our customers and with Angie’s List, we also are honored because less than 5% of companies that are on Angie’s List receive this award.

If you see others with this award, take note. It is not easy to come by. There are a lot of users on Angie’s List now, which is good, but then it can be hard to dig through every business on there and find what you are looking for. These award winners are set apart from the rest, and we are grateful to be a part of this elite field.

Here are the requirements to be awarded the Super Service Award:

  • First of all, you have to be located in a city big enough to have enough competition where you could stand out
  • Then you have to have a certain number of good reviews, based on how many others are in your market
  • Maintain an ‘A’ Rating in the following areas:
    • Overall grade, averages every review (must be above a 3.5 GPA)
    • Your recent grade, which averages out a point total from all of your reviews from the last three years (also must be above 3.5 GPA)
    • Your review period grade, which averages the reviews you have received in the last quarter

Seems a little bit like school, doesn’t it? Well, we will definitely take the “A” average!

The great thing about Angie’s List is that any business can get listed on there. It is not a paid directory. In fact, any customer can put a review on any business such as a mover, contractor, plumber, etc. on Angie’s List. The business owner can log in and check their reviews, respond to any reviews, and update their business information.

We are proud to say we have been awarded the Angie’s List Super Service Award for many years now. It is our pleasure to serve you, our customers, and we are grateful that we make you happy enough that you give us great reviews online. In this day and age, that is the way to spread word of mouth about us, so we thank you for being our best advertising.

Moving with Kids

moving with kidsMoving in general involves a lot of coordination, changes and new things for children. Many children want to be a part of the big move, even on moving day. However, it is best if you make other arrangements for your children on moving day, since there are safety concerns when children are involved.

Reasons why kids should be elsewhere on moving day:

  • Large moving items like dressers and other items are out in the open and could easily tip over
  • You may be distracted and unable to keep a close eye on your children
  • Younger children can get underfoot and pose a danger to movers
  • Small moving supply items such as tape and Styrofoam can create a choking hazard to young children

If you have never moved, your children may have some worries about what is going to happen. There are several things you can do as a parent to make the move more comfortable for them. You can drive them by the new home, and even take them inside to see where they are going. You can have them draw pictures of what they want their new room to look like and how they want it decorated.

One of the best suggestions we receive from our families who move is to set up the child’s room immediately. This gives them a sense of comfort amidst all of the changes. Explain the moving process to them in advance and find out what questions they have as well as what they think will happen. This will help you get everything out in the open and dealt with.

Some other fun things to do include having your children pack some of their own items as well as keeping some special items out that they can keep with them. Have your children label and decorate their boxes with paints or other coloring items. This will also make it easy for the movers to tell which boxes belong to the kids.

There are some lasting impressions you can do with your kids to make them comfortable with the move and see the move as a positive life change.

  • Take a picture of their old room so they can have that as a memory
  • Leave a cute note for the new occupants and let your child hide it
  • Say goodbye to your old house and hello to your new one

Moving with kids doesn’t have to be hard or scary for them if you take the appropriate steps to make it seamless and keep them involved.

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