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How to Pack your House Tips from AZ Movers

Let’s face it – packing is probably everyone’s least favorite job. However, if you follow some tips from top AZ movers Get Your Move On, your packing job can be a little easier.

  1. Start early – get boxes, packing materials, wrapping paper and bubble wrap for fragile items. Call around to different moving companies and get estimates. Pack up items that you know you are bringing but never use first and get them out of the way. This will give you more room to think and breathe.
  2. Sort items – some items you will want to keep, some you want to donate, and some you may want to sell. Getting everything organized will help you find out what you really have and will help your AZ movers give you an accurate estimate.
  3. Sell or donate – host a garage sale, sell items on Craigslist, or take them down to the local Salvation Army donation center. Whatever you need to do, get the items you aren’t going to keep out of your way so you can have more room to pack.
  4. Wrap everything – even items that are not fragile should be wrapped if they are put into boxes. Why? Well as AZ movers will tell you, Arizona has a huge problem with dust. Our storage facility is carefully sealed, but so is your house and dust still gets in there. If you wrap everything you will not have to worry about dust.
  5. Pack the sides of the boxes – pack things around the sides first and then work toward the middle. The sides of the box are the strongest point, and AZ movers can attest to how devastating it is if your box breaks because too much heavy stuff was packed toward the middle.
  6. Pad the bottom of extra fragile boxes – this will ensure that your items have the extra protection they need. Even the most careful AZ movers know that there are lots of bumps in the road that the moving
  7. Label boxes – this will help your AZ movers know exactly where to put your items. You can even color code the boxes – red marker is for the living room, blue is for the bathroom, and so on.
  8. Donate packing materials – once you are all moved, your AZ movers can help you find a place to recycle your packing materials. Shelters and treatment centers are always looking for packing materials, and this can help make your move even more tax deductible.

Following these simple tips can help make your move more seamless. If after reading all of this packing still is not for you, you can always hire your AZ movers to get the job done!

How to Find the Best Phoenix Movers

I think everyone has heard the horror stories about terrible moving experiences. When it comes time to make your own move, you want to do everything you can to avoid a bad situation. Moving is one of the top five most stressful events in a person’s life, and the last thing you need to do is make that even worse. When you live in a large area such as Phoenix, you have lots of choices – which can be good, but they are all vastly different – which can be confusing. Here are some of our tips to help you find the best Phoenix movers.

Find movers you are comfortable with

Every move is unique and you want someone who can adapt and tailor a unique moving experience for you. When moving, you already have to trust all of your heirlooms and worldly possessions to complete strangers, but it is better if you actually trust your movers. The best Phoenix movers understand the market is competitive and will do what they can to make you feel more comfortable by giving you specialized solutions.

Check online reviews

With how many review systems there are out there, you should be able to get a good idea of what the company you are interested in is up to. Go to sites such as and read all of the reviews. It is not likely that every single review will be positive (but if they are, that’s great!), but you want to look for how the company handles each and every situation. The best Phoenix movers have very little in the way of complaints, and any they do have are handled quickly and effectively.

Go through a reputable third party

If you book a move through a reputable third party, such as Angie’s List, then a lot of the guesswork is already done for you. You can trust that these companies do their homework and also take on some of the liability to help you find the best Phoenix movers.

Get a referral from a friend

The best advertising, good and bad, is still word of mouth. There is no better recommendation than that of a friend or family member. Of course, you want to keep in mind the type of move. Sure, your neighbor packed up a “moving/box” truck to move their daughter down to college, but that may not be a good solution for you and your family of four.

The bottom line is, to find the best Phoenix movers, you have to be involved in the process. This is not something you can throw together at the last minute. Follow our suggestions and you can enjoy a painless move!

Three Tips for Choosing Office Moving Companies

With hundreds of thousands of square feet of office space available in Phoenix for low rates, many companies decide to make their home here. Whether you are just starting out and need furniture and office equipment moved to your new location, or you are relocating your office from one place to another, you need office moving companies you can trust.

The more offices a locale has, the more office moving companies you will find. If you are the decision-maker for a big office move and you make the wrong decision, you can cost your company tons of money. This is not a misstep you want to make. How do you find the perfect company for your move?

Here are some tips of what to look for in office moving companies:

1.       How involved are they in the process?

For a move as important as an office move, you should have a project manager assigned that follows your move through from beginning to end. You should expect a personalized visit from the moving company to go over your move.

Your point-of-contact from the moving company should be available to you if you need to talk or go over anything. A lot of office moving companies in Phoenix will draw diagrams of your move and the master plan. You can have copies of these if you wish to be so involved.

Office moves require even more detail and organization than a residential move. Choosing an experienced company that knows what to do to make everything go smoothly is essential.

2.       How do they handle the move?

Do they expect you to pack your items or do they help with this? Do they set up computers after the move is over or leave that to you? What about the walls and hallways of your business? Do they leave these in good condition or is everything left a mess with ding marks and dirt?

These may seem like simple questions but they are important ones to answer. You are likely leasing the space you are moving from as well as the space you are moving to, and it is important that everything is handled with the utmost care.

3.       Are they a well-recognized business?

Nowadays, if a company does not have an internet presence, you may as well count them out. With all of the online review sites such as Yelp and Google+ Local, you should be able to find a company with good reviews and a transparent presence.

Office moving companies should be recognized by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and have a good rating. Don’t settle for a company with a shoddy rating. There are a lot of movers in Phoenix you can choose from and you do not have to settle.

Look for companies that work with other reputable organizations such as Angie’s List. Movers that have a good reputation with companies like these can be trusted.

Moving an entire office is quite an undertaking. It must be done with an excellent plan and care and protection for your office items. Follow our tips for choosing office moving companies and your Phoenix office move will be smooth.


Arizona Movers with a Twist

You dread moving day enough – why not make it a little more fun with Arizona movers that have great attitudes and experience? If you are looking for a high-end move with a lighthearted twist, Get Your Move On, LLC will make you look no further.

When you are setting up a move, you likely have many questions. We sit down to answer some of the most common questions we hear as Arizona movers.

I have had bad experiences with damaged furniture before. Will my furniture make it through the move?

We have all moved and had an item or two not make it through the move. At Get Your Move On, we take as much pride in your items as you do. Our movers are experienced in pad-wrapping all sorts of items and also in packing the trucks well so items don’t shift during the move.

I have a lot of antique and heirloom pieces. Do they know how to handle delicate or antique items?

We are Arizona movers at the forefront of moving antiques and delicate items. In fact, we are often used by antique stores or antique shows to move their items since our moving process is so gentle on these items. When you have things such as these, you need to be careful which Arizona movers you choose.

Do your movers hustle or take their time?

Of course we hustle! Our movers are former or present student-athletes. We know how to move quickly while still handling your furniture and other items with the utmost respect.

Do you really pad-wrap everything?

Yes, every single item is carefully wrapped before it leaves your home. Of course, everyone wants a speedy move but at the same time you want to make sure your items are protected. No matter how carefully a truck is packed, items are going to shift. Pad-wrapping is an extra safeguard in these situations.

Other benefits of pad-wrapping include:

  • Protected items
  • No scratches on walls or doorframes
  • Floor stays in excellent condition
  • Items stay perfectly clean while in transit or storage

We all know about the Arizona dust. It is something we Arizona movers deal with on a constant basis. It’s almost like it accumulates just in the time we have the door open. This is another great benefit to our pad-wrapping process. We are so proud of it because it works so well. Dust can also be very damaging to your items, and this way your stuff won’t pick up any dust between your current home, the truck and your new home.

Arizona movers are a dime a dozen. We have all seen the beds of trucks loaded to the gills with someone’s worldly belongings. We know that is not the type of move you are looking for, and we take care of you in such a way that you will never be able to move on your own again.

Phoenix Pool Table Movers

Moving a pool table is a complicated process that is nearly impossible to do alone. A pool table has to be perfectly balanced and the felt cannot be damaged during a move. Many people use a professional moving service to take care of this important piece of furniture.

It’s important to understand the different parts of a pool table and why this is such a complicated process. Pool sharks know that even a millimeter of difference in the balance of a pool table can change the outcome of a game.

A pool table consists of:

  • The Rail: This is the padded walls that make up the top of the pool
  • Cabinet: This is what the frame and legs of the pool table are called
  • Slate: This is the playing surface of the pool

Every time the pool table is moved, it must be completely disassembled, moved, reassembled and re-leveled. Many people use the move as a reason to put new felt on the table.

While all parts of the pool table are delicate, the slate is the most sensitive. If a pool table is moved all in one piece, you run the risk of messing up or cracking the slate. Pool tables are best moved in pieces.

Most Phoenix pool table movers offer a variety of services regarding your pool table move, depending on what you are looking for. Most companies offer a tear-down in house. They will professionally disassemble your pool table and leave the parts in the same room. Another option is for them to disassemble and transport.

Most people choose a full-service option with their pool table move. This option includes disassembling the pool table, moving the pool table, reassembling the pool table and leveling it in its new location.

Keep in mind that most movers charge an extra fee for other obstacles like stairs or a lengthy transport. Make sure you read the fine print of any contract and also speak with the owner to make sure you know about any extra fees.

If this sounds like a lot of work, that’s because it is. This is why most people pay a professional to move their pool table even though it is an extra cost. People buy pool tables because of enjoyment for the game, and they know about the extra expense that goes into them. Proper set-up by a professional can help you make sure there is no damage to your pool table, and can give you a lot of enjoyment from having a nice level table.


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