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Moving is a stressful and strenuous task. As local Phoenicians, we know that moving in our Valley of the Sun poses its own unique challenges. We want to let you know that no matter which one of the Scottsdale moving companies you choose, you should ‘go local.’ Choosing a local business has more far-reaching effects than simply nostalgia or loyalty to your community. The economic effects are huge.

There are many benefits to ‘going local.’ It has become such a movement that it even has its own economic terminology – ‘localization.’ When people refer to ‘going local’ in terms of the Phoenix metropolitan area, they mean within Maricopa County. You can choose to use local, home-grown companies for many facets of your business, from grocery stores to clothing shops and more. Scottsdale moving companies are just one example of a local choice you can make.

According to a study from Sonoma State University, the local economy is really what benefits from a localization strategy. There are tons of national moving companies to choose from when you make a move, and you may be tempted to use one if you have heard the name before, or because they are well-renowned. Well, here is some motivation to choose a local business. If you choose to make your move with local Scottsdale moving companies, you are providing jobs for local citizens; you are generating more business income and more tax revenue than a company that has their headquarters somewhere else. This extra money gets dumped back into our state and helps with so much from roads to schools.

Here are some other reasons to go local:

  • More of your hard-earned dollars get pumped back into the economy where you live
  • It shows pride in where you make your home
  • You have the power to help local businesses survive
  • You are encouraging capitalism and entrepreneurship which are at the heart of America
  • You can be a good example to friends and neighbors and inspire them to do the same

There are many ways you can choose to keep your shopping and your dollars within Maricopa County. Look for local restaurants, gas stations, grocery stores, banks and more. There is nothing wrong with a chain supermarket or anything else, but choosing to shop and vend locally will help keep your local economy creative, keep them excited, and keep businesses thriving.

Scottsdale moving companies provide hundreds of jobs and pour hundreds of thousands in revenue right back into the economy. So the next time you make a big economic decision, such as who should handle my move, think local and choose Scottsdale moving companies for the task.

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