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Buy Local with Scottsdale Moving Companies

Moving is a stressful and strenuous task. As local Phoenicians, we know that moving in our Valley of the Sun poses its own unique challenges. We want to let you know that no matter which one of the Scottsdale moving companies you choose, you should ‘go local.’ Choosing a local business has more far-reaching effects than simply nostalgia or loyalty to your community. The economic effects are huge.

There are many benefits to ‘going local.’ It has become such a movement that it even has its own economic terminology – ‘localization.’ When people refer to ‘going local’ in terms of the Phoenix metropolitan area, they mean within Maricopa County. You can choose to use local, home-grown companies for many facets of your business, from grocery stores to clothing shops and more. Scottsdale moving companies are just one example of a local choice you can make.

According to a study from Sonoma State University, the local economy is really what benefits from a localization strategy. There are tons of national moving companies to choose from when you make a move, and you may be tempted to use one if you have heard the name before, or because they are well-renowned. Well, here is some motivation to choose a local business. If you choose to make your move with local Scottsdale moving companies, you are providing jobs for local citizens; you are generating more business income and more tax revenue than a company that has their headquarters somewhere else. This extra money gets dumped back into our state and helps with so much from roads to schools.

Here are some other reasons to go local:

  • More of your hard-earned dollars get pumped back into the economy where you live
  • It shows pride in where you make your home
  • You have the power to help local businesses survive
  • You are encouraging capitalism and entrepreneurship which are at the heart of America
  • You can be a good example to friends and neighbors and inspire them to do the same

There are many ways you can choose to keep your shopping and your dollars within Maricopa County. Look for local restaurants, gas stations, grocery stores, banks and more. There is nothing wrong with a chain supermarket or anything else, but choosing to shop and vend locally will help keep your local economy creative, keep them excited, and keep businesses thriving.

Scottsdale moving companies provide hundreds of jobs and pour hundreds of thousands in revenue right back into the economy. So the next time you make a big economic decision, such as who should handle my move, think local and choose Scottsdale moving companies for the task.

Anatomy of an Arizona Moving Company

To be successful as an Arizona moving company, there are a few things you must be made of. It takes more than just big muscles to move a home or an office, although those help too. Arizonans give us movers some unique challenges that we have to get past to be successful.

Here are some of the things that make up the anatomy of an Arizona Moving Company:

  1. Agility – How do you navigate those windy roads on Camelback Mountain? Do you take the turns quickly and stir up all of the dust and dirt? Or do you respect the land and take it easy?
  2. Brains – What do you do when about to run over a tumbleweed? Or when you encounter an angry javelina? An Arizona moving company has to think quickly to get through any of these situations and many others that we encounter in the Wild West.
  3. Brawn – Can you lift giant Mexican pottery such as bird baths, potted plants, ceramic benches and more? Living in a border state gives us access to great art from south of the border, but dang, that stuff is heavy!
  4. Blood, Sweat and Tears – You know, when that cactus pokes you or the 115 degree sun makes you sweat so much you cry? Basically, an Arizona moving company has to have what it takes to survive all of the elements of your move. You never know what could happen in this desert environment, but we are tough enough to get through it.
  5. Heart – Probably the most important part of our anatomy is how much we care. We love what we do, and we love making our customers happy, and most of all, we love having a good time while doing what we do. It’s not strange to see one of our movers doing a little dance-step or skipping (yes, skipping) to the next job. We make it fun, and that helps you with ease and comfort during your move.

Our busiest time for moving is in the summer, which is not surprising because people usually want to leave it to the pros during those awful 110-degree-plus months.

As native Arizonans as many of us are, the heat and elements don’t really bother us. Sand? No big deal. Dangerous wild animals behind your house on the mountain preserve? Doesn’t scare us. This Arizona moving company will brave whatever we need to and do what it takes to complete your move.

Tips for a First-Time Mover

Moving is an exciting time and also one that is stress-free and makes families grow closer, right? Well, not exactly. Of course, when you move for the first time, there are definitely exciting things about it, whether it is moving for your first job, moving out to go to college or just to get your first place, but ultimately, moving is stressful and can be a hassle unless you follow our suggestions.

Get Help

Whether you decide to go with a professional moving company or you just rent a truck and do everything yourself, it is crucial to get help. From packing boxes to figuring out what you are going to bring with you, to the loading of the truck and moving on the big day, you are going to need help. Don’t try to go it completely alone.

Plan Ahead

Make sure you have the time before and after your move off of work. It is going to take you some time to get everything arranged before the move and set up after the move. If you are moving for a job, make sure you have everything you need to get started there. Drive through your new neighborhood in the day and night just to be sure of where you are going and plan your routes to and from work and/or school.

Get Rid of Stuff

If you think you are moving everything you own the first time you move, you are crazy. Think of this as a great time to clean out those closets and that garage. Have a yard sale, donate or sell other items, give people back things you have borrowed. The more stuff you try to move, the more supplies you will need and the more time it will take. Time is money in the moving business, so you don’t want to waste precious time moving things you are never going to use.

Prepare to Live on Your Own

Has mom always done your laundry? Or are you mom reading this realizing you have always done your kid’s laundry? If you are nodding ‘yes’ to either of these scenarios, then it is time to prepare for the new living situation. Learn how to do laundry, cook, clean and more. These all sound like simple things but if you don’t even know how to boil water then you are in for a rude awakening when you leave the nest.

Moving out for the first time is a huge deal, but make sure you follow our tips and have a seamless move and transition.

Moving Furniture from Chandler to Phoenix in Three Easy Steps

It’s moving day. What is your stress level? Through the roof or are you cool and calm? That depends on the level of effort you put into planning and preparing for your move. It is a known fact in the moving industry that the more planning that is done prior to the date of the move; the easier it is for you and everyone else on moving day. When you are moving furniture from Chandler to Phoenix then you should follow our tips from the pros.

1. Get the right materials

Not everyone can afford to pay for professional packing by a moving company, but there are ways to get a similar result on your own. If you are moving furniture from Chandler to Phoenix, it may not seem like a long distance, but a lot can happen to furniture in the truck and during the moving process.

Here are some items you will need to wrap and pack everything the best way:

  • Packing tape
  • Packing paper
  • Different colored markers/Sharpies
  • Scissors or a blade
  • Styrofoam and bubble wrap
  • Stretch or shrink wrap for cloth items like ottomans or sofas
  • Many sizes of cardboard boxes from small to large

2. Pack well

Using the equipment you purchased, you should be able to make moving furniture from Chandler to Phoenix super easy. Many people do not think to wrap sofas, mattresses, pillows and more in shrink wrap, but believe me, it’s essential. I once knew a friend who used a toy hauler to move furniture, which is essentially a huge trailer that holds ATVs and is towed behind a truck. They packed everything in boxes but didn’t wrap the mattress. As they unloaded and dragged that mattress down the ramp, they realized they were picking up a huge amount of grease on the mattress. Don’t make that mistake yourself and wrap EVERYTHING. Your furniture, floors and walls will thank you.

3. Tips for moving

When you are moving furniture from Chandler to Phoenix, your stuff won’t travel more than 20-40 miles, but it can seem like a lot farther if you get there and stuff is ruined. Make sure you mark ‘Fragile’ or ‘This Side Up’ on boxes to help guide the movers so they can take care of your belongings. Also make sure the most delicate items are placed on top of the load, not the bottom.

Following these tips when you are moving furniture from Chandler to Phoenix will make your move smooth and keep your belongings in pristine condition.

Preparing for a Big Move

Getting ready for a big move can be as easy or as complicated as you make it. The smoothest moves are accomplished with a little planning and research. Whether you decide to move yourself or you employ a moving company, you can follow these simple tips to make sure your move goes off without a hitch.

If you have ever moved, you know how complicated it can be. Between the choices you have of how you are going to move your items to the best order in which to do things, you have your work cut out for you. Moving is a full-time job, and if you already have a job, you know that you do not have a ton of time to spend on your move. Here are some tips to make sure you get as much done as you can in as little time as possible.

Make a Checklist

One of the most important things you can do is make a detailed checklist outlining the tasks you will need to complete for your move.

Here are some of the things you need to include on your checklist

  • Research moving companies

You want to make sure that you are choosing a reputable company. Research companies online, check their Better Business Bureau rating, look for them on reputable sites like Angie’s List, and read and take heed to customer reviews on sites like Yelp. Make sure your company is insured and do research on the insurance policy. Reputable companies will not have you pay until the day of, and after everything is delivered safely.

  • Sort and purge

You do not need to move every single thing in your home. You should sort through old clothes, knick knacks, furniture and more. Donate what you can, have a garage sale, do whatever you need to do so you are not paying to move stuff you do not really want.

  • Inventory your items

Make lists of everything you have that you are moving. Try to keep it organized by what goes in what room. This will help with the unpacking process as well. You will also know if anything goes missing so you can file a claim if need be.

  • Label everything

If you are doing your own packing, this will really help you stay organized. Pack like items together, such as all kitchen items together. Then, label the boxes with a certain color of marker or tape. This will make it easier for the movers to get it all in the right spot.

  • Create a moving binder

Put all of your receipts, invoices and expenses in here. This will help you stay organized on moving day and also help you keep your moving expenses ready to submit for tax time.

  • Organize school and medical records

Now is the time to order school records to be sent to the new school, to get medical and veterinary records transferred or in your possession.

  • Use perishable items

Make sure you eat what you can from your freezer and refrigerator so you do not end up having to throw things away.

  • Keep very valuable items safe

Pack your most valuable items in a box that you will keep with you during your move. Even in the most careful of situations, you do not want someone else to be responsible for irreplaceable jewelry or other like items.

  • Submit your change of address

Make sure your post office, schools, subscriptions, bills, family and more all know your new address. Submit the forwarding form to the post office.

  • Arrange for time off work

You will want to be present with the movers on moving day so make sure you have the time off work.

  • Stock up on prescriptions

Get refills of your prescriptions and stock up on what you can. You never know how hard it could be to get your new pharmacy set up and you do not want to go without anything.

  • Pack suitcases

Have a suitcase for at least a week packed for each person. That way you will not have to deal with washing anything or doing anything but unpacking for that length of time.

  • Confirm arrangements

There are many companies that will give you one quote that will look much different than the actual cost come moving day. See if the owner or a company representative will come out and give you another quote now that all of your items are packed and ready.

  • Plan for moving payment

Especially if you are closing bank accounts, you will need to make sure that your moving payment is all set up. Get a cashier’s check or money order, or use your debit card so you can have a receipt. Do not pay cash.

We are still open through the Covid-19 health crisis. Governor Ducey deems moving as an essential service, click here for more details.